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Response to Accident Related Disasters

Accident victims succumb to injuries due to shock, bleeding and head injuries. If necessary first aid and replacement of fluid can be arranged within the first hour of injury many lives could be saved. The first hour is called the golden hour. Accident victims need to be shifted with necessary resuscitative measures to a emergency care center for stabilization of general condition and further treatment within this initial 1 hour. If required, later on he can be shifted to a referral hospital where facilities for specialized surgery (Neuro, cardiothoracic etc.) are available. In case of the accident victims having head injury CT Scan may be done in nearby private, public sector hospitals where facilities are available.

At all accident sites, first aid must be to be given to all victims and they should be rushed to nearest hospital by first available means; preferably by ambulance or otherwise by any other vehicle. Medical team and emergency wards in nearby hospitals, nursing homes should be kept ready. Common injuries include crush injuries, fractures, bleeding and victims in a state of shock. Hospitals should contact their orthopedics and surgeons and they should be asked to report for duty immediately.

In case of all accidents involving casualties and injuries :

  • Inform the nearest traffic police station.
  • Look for and rescue the injured or those still trapped inside.
  • Arrange for transport of the injured to the nearest medical care center by first available means.
  • Place dead bodies on one side to avoid obstructions.
  • Traffic control should be organized locally using available manpower to avoid traffic jams.
  • Discourage people from crowding near the accident spot.
  • Prevent people from looting goods from the accident site.
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