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What is Biological Disaster?
Biological Disaster may be described as a disaster caused due to natural outbreaks of epidemics or intentional use of biological agents (Viruses/bacteria etc.) through dissemination of micro-organism or toxins in food or water or insect vector or by aerosol to harm human population, food crops and livestock to cause outbreaks of diseases.

Biological agents are living organisms or their toxic products that can kill or incapacitate people, livestock, and plants.

Biological weapons are referred to as a "poor man's bomb" because they are easy to manufacture, can be deployed without sophisticated delivery systems, and have the ability to kill or injure hundreds of people. Simple devices such as crop dusting airplanes or small perfume atomizers are effective delivery systems for biological agents.

Apart from the natural transnational movement of the pathogenic organisms, their potential use as weapons of biological warfare and bio-terrorism has become far more important now than ever before. Utilization of organisms causing smallpox and anthrax by such terrorist groups can cause greater harm and panic

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