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Why it happens?
Natural Outbreaks
Natural outbreaks of disease may become epidemics and assume disastrous proportion if not contained in the initial stages.

Use of Biological Agents by Terrorists
Bio-terrorism can be defined as the use of biological agents to cause death, disability or damage mainly to human beings. Thus, bio-terrorism is a method of terrorist activity to prevail mass panic and slow mass casualties.

Bio-terrorism is thus intentional use of biological agents to cause disease or death through dissemination of micro-organism or toxins in food or water or insect vector or by aerosol to harm human population, food crops and livestock.

The three basic groups of biological agents, which could be used as weapons, are bacteria, viruses, and toxins. Most biological agents are difficult to grow and maintain. Many break down quickly when exposed to sunlight and other environmental factors, while others, such as anthrax spores, are very long lived.
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