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Modern cold waves (2001-date)
  • 2009 European cold wave - Early January gave most of Europe, especially in central and south very cold temperatures. Some places like Germany, France, Italy, Romania and Spain had one of the record cold temperatures. Most of the places were covered in snow and ice which caused school closings and airport delays. Large cities like Paris, Madrid, Berlin saw very cold temperatures, and lots of snow and ice in Northern Italy, most of Germany, in northern Portugal at seaside and even sunny Marseille.

  • 2008 Alaska - In early February Alaska experienced some of the coldest temperatures for 8 years, with Fairbanks nearing (-50 °F (-46 °C) and Chicken, Alaska bottoming out at -72 °F (-58 °C), a mere 8 degrees away from the record of -80 °F (-62 °C). The first half of January also brought ununual cold weather and heavy snow to widespread regions of China and the Middle East.

  • 2007 Argentine cold wave - An interaction with an area of low pressure systems across Argentina during the July 6, July 7 and 8 of 2007, and the entry of a massive polar cold snap resulted in severe snowfalls and blizzards. The cold snap advanced from the south towards the central zone of the country, continuing its displacement towards the north during Saturday, July 7. On Monday July 9, the simultaneous presence of very cold air, gave place to the occurrence of snowfalls. This phenomenon left at least 23 people dead.

  • 2007 Northern Hemisphere cold wave - All of Canada and most of the United States underwent a freeze after a two-week warming that took place in late March & early April. Crops froze, wind picked up, and snow drizzled much of the United States. Some parts of Europe also experienced unusual cold winter-like temperatures, during that time.

  • 2005-2006 European cold wave - Eastern Europe and Russia saw a very cold winter. Some of them saw their coldest on record or since the 1970s. Snow was an abundance in unusual places, such as in southern Spain and Northern Africa. All the winter months that season were well below average.

  • 2004-2005 Southern Europe cold wave - All areas of Southern Europe saw an unusually hard winter. This area saw an ice storm which have a 1 in 1000 chance of happening.[citation needed] This cold front caused snow in Algeria, which is extremely unusual. The south of Spain and Morroco also recorded freezing temperatures, and record freezing temperatures were observed on the north of Portugal and Spain.

  • 2004 January cold outbreak, Northeast United States - New England was near a record month when frequent Arctic fronts caused unusually cold weather. Boston was one of their coldest in 114 years. Virginia Beach had an unusually long period of below freezing weather. One area of New York saw 150 inches of snow in a month. Many parts of the western and midwestern area of the country seen the effect as well.
20th century cold waves (pre-2001)
  • 1997 Northern Plains cold air Outbreak - Mid January across the Northern U.S. was one of the windiest on record. With a low of around -40 °F in some places, wind caused bitterly cold wind chills sometimes nearing -80 °F. Northern parts of North Dakota saw up to 90 inches of snow. This was one of the most severe cold air outbreaks of the 1990s.
  • 1996 Great Midwest cold outbreak - Late January and early February was Northern Minnesota's coldest short term period on record. The record low of -60 °F was recorded in Tower, Minnesota.

  • 1994 Northern US/Southern Canada cold outbreak - January 1994 was the coldest month recorded over many parts of the northeast and north-central United States, as well as Southern Canada, or coldest since the late 1970s in some locations. Many overnight record lows were set. Cold outbreaks continued into February but the severity eased somewhat. The cold also extended further south than usual into Texas bringing snowfall and temperatures lower than -20 °F to parts of the state, Florida also experienced cold and snowfall, even once flurries were reported north of Miami and damage to the citrus crop in central Florida was extensive. Detroit, Michigan saw their coldest temperature since 1985.

  • 1989 record cold start to December - In 1989, the central and eastern USA saw one of the coldest Decembers on record. A white Christmas occurred.

  • 1985 Great Western cold air outbreak - February 1985 saw the USA's third coldest temperature of -69 °F in Peter's Sink, Utah. About a month of severe cold affect a large part of the nation. 1985 became the fourth coldest year on record in the western USA.

  • January 1985 US cold air outbreak - On January 21, 1985, it was cold that President Ronald Reagan's inauguration took place in the Capitol Rotunda. In addition to the cold in Washington, DC, frost was reported in Miami and many Southern cities set all-time record cold or at least came close.

  • 1983 Record cold December USA - USA had its coldest ever Christmas in 1983. Severely cold winds blew in from Canada and about 70% of the month was colder than average. The 1980s saw the USA's coldest Decembers on record.

  • 1982 cold air outbreak - January 1982 was very cold. The 1981 AFC Championship Game, held in Cincinnati was nicknamed the "Freezer Bowl" due to the -9 °F temperature and -59 °F wind chill. The following week's events was also known as Cold Sunday

  • 1970s - In the late 1970s most or all places in the Lower 48 had at least one winter with a memorable cold wave, and the 1977-78 cold wave was the coldest winter on record in the lower 48, with every state seeing well below average temperatures.

  • 1936 Cold wave - The cold wave of 1936 was the only cold wave of the 1930s impacting North America and the Midwest United States.

  • 1910s - The severe cold outbreak of 1912 caused the longest recorded period of below zero weather. The winter from 1916-1917 until 1917-1918 was very frigid across the USA.

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