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What is a forest fire?
Forest Fire
The word "wildfire" originated as a synonym for Greek fire, a napalm-like substance used in medieval Europe as a naval weapon; the word attained its present meaning by a common misunderstanding of the expression "spread like wildfire". Forests face many hazards but the most common hazard is forest fire. Forest fires are as old as the forests themselves. They pose a threat not only to the forest wealth but also to the entire regime of fauna and flora seriously disturbing the bio-diversity, the ecology and environment of a region.

During summer, when there is no rain for months, the forests become littered with dry senescent leaves and twigs, which would burst into flames ignited by the slightest spark. And thus the inevitable does happen. The Himalayan forests particularly Garhwal Himalayas of Uttaranchal State have been burning regularly during the last few summers, with colossal loss of vegetation cover of that region. Forest fires can be either natural or controlled and caused by heat generated in the litter and other biomes in summer through carelessness of people (human neglect). Sometimes, forest fires purposely caused by local inhabitants

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