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Causes for forest fire?
Sea Erosion
Forest Fires are, however, nothing unusual. They occur regularly, especially in summers, throughout the world. Forest fires can broadly be classified into three categories:
  • Natural or controlled forest fires.
  • Forest fires caused by heat generated in the litter and other biomes in summer through carelessness of people (human neglect) and
  • Forest fires purposely caused by local inhabitants.
Many forest fires start from Natural causes such as LIGHTNING which set trees on fire. Periodic lightning induced fires have been recorded throughout history from India, Southeastern and Central United States, Australia, Finland and Eastern and Southern Africa. However, rain extinguishes such fires without causing much damage. In the United States and some other countries such Natural Fires are allowed to burn and die out as a part of Forest Management strategy. The most forest fires are the result of human neglect. A casual throwing away of a smouldering bidi, cigarette butt or a spark from a picnicker's open hearth in a desiccated forest can often be sufficient to start a fire in summer. Such fires usually start on the ground as the dry litter (senescent leaves and twigs) catches fire easily. Then, flamed by strong winds, the flames soon engulf vast tract forest turning them to ashes and, therefore, cause extensive damage unless controlled in time.
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