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Impacts of Forest Fire
Forest Fire
Forest fires also pose serious health hazard by clearing polluting smoke and noxious gases, as the events in Indonesia after the forest fires on the islands of Sumatra and Borneo in 1977 have shown. The burning of vegetation gives off not only carbon di oxide but also a host of other, noxious gases (Green house gases) such as carbon monoxide, methane hydrocarbons, nitric oxide and nitrous oxide, that lead to global warning and ozone layer depletion (Mutaz & Farraj, 1990). So, the thousands of people suffered from serious respiratory problems due to these toxic gases.

Burning forests and grasslands also add to already serious threat of global warning. Forests play a vital role in keeping the level of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere in check. Forests, grasslands and agricultural lands make up bulk of the global biomass, and biomass burning is a global phenomenon today. Recent measurements suggest that biomass burning may be a significant global source of methyl bromide, which is an ozone depleting substance.

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