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Types forest fire
Forest fires differ depending upon its nature, size, spreading speed, behavior etc. Basically this can be sub grouped into four types depending upon their nature and size as follows:

Underground Fire
Forest Fire
Under ground fire is the fire of low intensity consuming the organic matter beneath and the surface litter of forest floor is sub-grouped as underground fire. In most of the dense forests occurring in the wetter parts of Himalayas, a thick mantle of organic matter is found on top of the mineral soil. This fire spreads in by consuming such materials. These fires usually spread entirely underground and burn for some meters below the surface.
This fire spreads very slowly and in most of the cases it becomes very hard to detect and control such type of fires. They may continue to burn for months and destroy vegetative cover of the soil. The other terminology for this type of fire is Muck fires while in some countries; it is referred to as Ground fires.

Surface Fires
Surface fire is the most common forest fires that burn undergrowth & dead material along the floor of the forest. In general it is very useful for the forest growth and regeneration. If grow in size this fire not only burns ground flora but also results to engulf the undergrowth and the middle story of the forest. Surface fires spread by flaming combustion through fuels at or near the surface- grass, dead & down limbs, forest needle & leaf litter, or debris from harvesting or land clearing. Thus a surface fire is "A fire that burns surface litter, other loose debris of the forest floor and small vegetation. This is the most common type of fire in timber stand of all species. It may be a mild, low-energy fire in sparse grass and pine needle litter, or it may be a very hot, fast moving fire where slash, flammable under story shrubs, or other abundant fuel prevails. A surface fire if spreads, may burn up to the taller vegetation and tree crowns as it progresses.

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