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Bullet About Earthquake

Earthquakes are a major problem for the mankind, killing more than 17000 persons per year in the twentieth century. It causes multifaceted damages and destruction to life and property. What to do about earthquake risk and how to mitigate earthquake induced damages, particularly in the developing countries, has been an intriguing issue. Assessing the earthquake risk and determining mitigation alternatives varies from country to country. Reduction in the earthquake risk involves the use of knowledge, methodologies adopted based on the geopolitical boundaries. More so on multi-objective-multistake holder decision to be taken. Making a decision on what to do, depends on the site specific data collected from affected region, including multifaceted role played by geosciences, engineering, disaster planning and response, techno-legal, insurance and economics.disaster planning and response, techno-legal, insurance and and response.planning and response, techno-legal, insurance and and response.

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