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DO'S :
  • Plug ears, save skin from heat, put on head gear, know the explosion site and go away from ground zero, breath normally, stay calm.
  • Lie down on ground with face down - head away from ground zero, cover face with handkerchief. It will avoid internal contamination.
  • If in shelter, close doors/windows, switch off AC & remain inside, evacuate, relocate : Fallout may continue for more than 24 hours depending upon weather.
  • Go underground to reduce external radiation & avoid external contamination. (Wet sand & 30 cm earth give 20 P.F.).
  • If contaminated, remove clothes and put them in poly bags. Take showers. Stay in tunnels, trenches, foxholes, tents vehicles decontaminate food or areas. (Covered items like bread, butter, jam can be consumed after removing wrapper.
  • Put on mask to avoid inhaling contaminated air.
  • Put on protective suits, if available help injured. Become part of rescue team.
  • Look for terrorists and help police to trap them
  • Consume Bioprotectors like KI, KIO3, Beer, Tulsi, Arnica, Caffein, Diltiazem, Vitamin C/E, podophylum.
  • Get treatment for burn, cut and other injuries.
  • Keep monitoring radiation level/radiation dose
  • Follow time, distance, shielding principle.
  • Do not look at blinding flash, don't go in to cloud/rain/fog.
  • Do not run or get panicky. INR will be over in about 1 min.
  • Do not spread rumours.
  • Do not crowd the site : Keep away.
  • Do not crowd hospitals/road/areas.
  • Know the explosion site and do not go in downwind direction.
  • Do not go to radioactive contaminated area.
  • Do not remain in open air. Water is a good neutron shield.
  • Do not spread radioactive contamination (External & Internal).
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