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Regional Frameworks on Disaster Management
The Hyogo Framework of Action called upon Regional organizations with a role related to disaster risk reduction to undertake the following tasks within their mandates, priorities and resources:
  • Promote regional programmes, including programmes for technical cooperation, capacity development, the development of methodologies and standards for hazard and vulnerability monitoring and assessment, the sharing of information and effective mobilization of resources, in view of supporting national and regional efforts to achieve the objectives of this Framework for Action;
  • Undertake and publish regional and sub-regional baseline assessments of the disaster risk reduction status, according to the needs identified and in line with their mandates;
  • Coordinate and publish periodic reviews on progress in the region and on impediments and support needs, and assist countries, as requested, in the preparation of periodic national summaries of their programmes and progress;
  • Establish or strengthen existing specialized regional collaborative centers, as appropriate, to undertake research, training, education and capacity building in the field of disaster risk reduction;
  • Support the development of regional mechanisms and capacities for early warning to disasters, including for tsunami.

In accordance with this mandate various regional organisations have developed regional framework on disaster management.
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