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Dos and Donts
  • One must also be very alert to the fact that some pilgrims of certain nationalities come in bunches and batches and push their way through. Pilgrims should not get into their way or try to stop them as one could get harmed in the process. It will be more sensible to avoid their path and wait till they get out.
  • It is advisable to move in groups from the camps with the assistance of the controlling authority or group leader or police person.
  • Do not try to go against the direction of the crowd. Move with the crowd.
  • Do not lose temper and do not fight with others. If required, pilgrims can retrace steps after the rush has passed.
  • Understand the evacuation routes, emergency exits and layout of the place of event.
  • Keep calm. Don't panic.
  • In case of emergency do not run.
  • Think before you do. Do not just blindly follow others.
  • Open area is safer. On exit try to get away in diverse directions.
  • Follow instructions given by the authorities, public address system etc.
  • Do not spread rumors.
  • Assist and collaborate with the organizers, authorities, fire services. Police etc.
  • Try to help others in your best capable way.
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