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Major Terrorist activities for the year 2007
Serial Bomb Blast for the year 2007

Date Dead Injured Location and description
January 10 6 34
Philippines, General Santos City, Kidapawan City, Cotabato City. Three bombs detonated, Muslim militants trying to disrupt ASEAN Summit suspected.
January 22 ~131 ~186
Iraq, Haraj market in Baghdad, Khalis market near Baquba, west Baghdad, south Baghdad, Baghdad.

Date Dead Injured Location and description
February 19 68 ~49
India, Samjhauta Express, a train headed toward Lahore an hour after it left New Delhi. Two bombs explode. See 2007 Samjhauta Express bombings

  • January-February: 2007 United Kingdom letter bombs.
  • February: 2007 chlorine bombings in Iraq.
Date Dead Injured Location and description
March 27    
Two truck bombs kill 152 people and injure 347 in Tal Afar, Iraq.

Date Dead Injured Location and description
April 10 1 23
Three suicide bombers kill one police man and injure 23 people in Casablanca, Morocco
April 11 33 222
Two suicide car bombs kill 33 people and injure 222 in Algiers, Algeria. Al-Qaeda takes responsibility. See 2007 Algiers bombings.
April 28    
Saudi Arabia announced it has arrested one hundred and seventy two people in an Al Qaeda plot to attack oil facilities, military bases and public figures using civilian aircraft as suicide missiles.
April 28 28 35
Interior minister Aftab Khan Sherpao of Pakistan suffers minor injuries, 28 are killed and 35 are injured, ten critically, in a suicide bombing after the minister had finished speaking.

Date Dead Injured Location and description
May 15    
Hamas launches twenty eight rockets into an Israeli town injuring five. Despite Hamas claiming the motive was retaliation for Israeli violence, NBC News claims "likely it was an attempt to draw Israel into the fighting as a way of uniting the Palestinians against a common foe".
May 18    
Attack on Mecca Masjid in Hyderabad.

Date Dead Injured Location and description
June 13    
Explosions occurred at the Askariya mosque in Samarra and destroyed the two minarets. No casualties were reported. The same mosque was the target of a February 2006 blast that damaged the building and destroyed its golden dome.
June 29 4 10
Four people are dead and ten are injured by three launched rockets and fired AK-47s in an assassination attempt on prime minister Guillaume Soro.
June 29    
Sri Lanka Navy personnel find a truck packed with over 1000 kg (2200 lbs) of high explosives in the eastern port city of Trincomalee. It is suspected the Tamil Tiger (LTTE) rebels were planning to use it to blow up a major civilian target in the area. Two weeks earlier, a similar explosive laden truck of the Tamil Tigers was detected close to Colombo, the capital city of Sri Lanka.

Date Dead Injured Location and description
July 2 10 12
Eight Spanish tourists and two Yemenis killed and another twelve wounded in suicide bombing attack at the Queen of Sheba temple in Marib.

Date Dead Injured Location and description
August 25 44 54
Hyderabad bombings. Twin bombings kill at least 44 and injure 54 in Hyderabad. Two bombs are diffused and 19 others are found unexploded.

Date Dead Injured Location and description
September 4 21 74
Two bomb blasts, one on a bus carrying government employees, killed at least 21 people and wounded 74 in Rawalpindi.

  • July, September 10: Mexican gas and oil pipelines were attacked in six places causing explosions, fires and gas leaks that forced the evacuation of thousands of people and closed hundreds of factories in ten states for up to a week. Two women in their 70s who lived nearby died of heart attacks afterward. The bombers filled fire extinguishers with a mixture of ammonium nitrate and fuel oil, then detonated them with plastic explosives wired to digital watches and batteries. Popular Revolutionary Army, a Marxist guerrilla group, are blamed for these attacks and at least 88 kidnappings that have forced the payment of millions of dollars in ransom
Date Dead Injured Location and description
October 18 136 387
2007 Karachi bombings. Twin suicide bombings occur in Karachi near a truck carrying former Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto through a crowded street of supporters eight hours after her return from exile despite 20,000 security officers assigned to protect her. At least 136 were killed and 387 were wounded. Bhutto escaped unharmed. The Taliban or Al Qaeda are suspected.
October 26   2
A pair of improvised explosive devices were thrown at the Mexican Consulate in New York City. The fake grenades were filled with black powder and detonated by fuses causing very minor damage. Police were investigating the connection between this and a similar attack against the British Consulate in New York in 2005.

Date Dead Injured Location and description
November 23 15 80
Uttar Pradesh serial blasts Near-simultaneous blasts triggered by militants in court premises in Varanasi, Faizabad and the state capital kills 15 people, and injures over 80.

Date Dead Injured Location and description
December 11 37 177
Bombings in Algiers kills 37 or more people and injures 177 people.
December 12 40 125
Three car bombs detonate in rapid succession, killing at least 40 and wounding 125 in the Shi'ite city of Amarah. Iraqi State television reported that many of the casualties involved women and children.
December 27    
Pakistan opposition leader Benazir Bhutto was assassinated by an attacker who shot her after a campaign rally in Rawalpindi and then blew himself up. At least 20 are known dead. Baitullah Mehsud Islamic Terrorism leader or elements within the Pervez Musharraf government suspected.

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