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Classifying Terrorism
  1. International Terrorism:Acts of violence by nationals of one country against the citizens / state of another country.
  2.      E.g. AI- Qaeda, LeT, JEM, Hezbollah
  3. Political Terrorism
    • State:The state uses weapons of the state against its own people. Acts of violence and intimidation by the state against its own population
    •      e.g. Argentina's 'Dirty War (Hitler, Saddam Hussein)
    • State-supported:The state uses its weapons to attack other country Acts of violence supported by an or funded by external state actors (Proxy war).
    •      - Eg. RUF in Sierra Leone.
    • Sub-state: A small group within the state is trying to use violence to Accomplish its own goal.
    • Domestic Terrorism: Acts of violence by non-state actors against domestic Political opponents.
    •      - Ideological (e.g. Marxist, Islamist)      - Ethnic e.g. ETA (Spain), GIA (Algeria)
      1. Social revolutionary: Against corrupt old ways(E.g. Baader-Meinhof gang in Germany)
      2. National Separatists: Trying to carry on the family mission(E.g. Palestinian Terrorists, Northern lrelanders).
      3. Religious Fundamentalists: They kill in the name of God. (E.g. Usama Bin Laden, abortion clinic bombers).
      4. New Religion:Cults defending new religions (E.g. Shinrikyo in Japan(sarin gas in subway)).
      5. Right Wing:They see the government as the enemy and illegitimate.(E.g. Neo-Nazis, Timothy McVeigh, Klu Klux Klan)
      6. Single Issue: (e.g. animal rights, ecologic terrorism (Usually single people willing to kill).
      7.                 - South Korean animal rights activists protest in Seoul.
  4. Criminal Terrorism
  5. Psychopathological Terrorism
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