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The recovery process during a disaster is a complex, unwieldy, routinely involving many different needs, interest and abilities. This is a matter of grave importance in any hazard prone country, especially after a disaster, but seldom attracted attention of disaster management analysts.

When a disaster strikes the recovery process must be a long-term commitment. Financial constraint is a major issue in a recovery process. Recovery is frequently understood in the general public view as consisting primarily in the physical reconstruction of facilities and basic services. However, rapid and poorly considered reconstruction recreates the very conditions of vulnerability that expose people to the possibilities of future loss. In fact, the challenges lie in restoring individual livelihoods.

Therefore, it is important to learn from past experiences in recovering from disasters. Such experiences in their description, analysis, generalisation and resulting plans for action can stimulate and engage more people individually, or work as an entire community and learn lessons from the information that has been acquired. Moreover, there can be individual factors in each disaster that relate to a particular society and hence can provide a useful solution for the recovery process.

Finally, recovery process has two primary areas of learning; reducing risk in recovery that is understanding the issues involving the recovery process and organizing recovery which proceeds into managing operational responsibilities involved. However, there are other important aspects as well that are applicable in wider development principles such as gender equality, widespread public participation etc and they form and important part of the recovery process.

Source: UNISDR
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