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A comprehensive disaster management and crisis response plan is essential to rescue the fatalities in collateral damage and control the extent of economic down turn. A unified and coherent national disaster management plan needs to be developed that would facilitate in dealing with a variety of crisis scenarios. The response phase includes mobilization of necessary emergency services and first responders in disaster prone areas. This would include the first wave of core emergency services.

The response services can be also conducted as military operations, this is termed Disaster Relief Operation and then it can be followed up by what is known as a Non-combatant evacuation operation (NEO). A number of secondary emergency team such as specialist rescue team may also be involved.

A well rehearsed emergency plans must be developed as a part of the preparedness phase enables efficient coordination of rescue. When required a search and rescue efforts commence at an early stage. Depending upon the extent of the damage vast majority of those affected can get immediate response. Not only government, but other private organizations may also involve themselves during the initial phases in terms of providing medical support. Moreover, multiple response saves in protecting and promoting a community’s ability to engage in its own development and effective response also aims to reduce risk of future crises.

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