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Tsunami Warning System
A state-of-the-art early warning centre is established at Indian National Centre for Ocean Information Services (INCOIS) with all the necessary computational and communication infrastructure that enables reception of real-time data from all the sensors, analysis of the data, generation and dissemination of tsunami advisories following a standard operating procedure. Seismic and sea-level data are continuously monitored in the Early Warning Centre using a custom-built software application that generates alarms/alerts in the warning centre whenever a pre-set threshold is crossed. Tsunami warnings/watches are then generated based on pre-set decision support rules and disseminated to the concerned authorities for action, following a Standard Operating Procedure. The efficiency of the end-to-end system was proved during the large under-sea earthquake of 8.4 M that occurred on September 12, 2007 in the Indian Ocean. For more in Indian efforts towards tsunami and storm surge warning system click here

In the aftermath of the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami,, Pacific Tsunami Warning Centre PTWC has taken on additional areas of responsibility including the Indian Ocean, South China Sea, Caribbean Sea, and Puerto Rico & U.S. Virgin Islands (until June 2007). In order to know the occurrence of tsunamigenic earthquakes in the past 60 days in and around Indian ocean sea

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USAID has funded in the establishment of Indian Ocean Tsunami Warning System (IOTWS). The entire efforts involve National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), US Geological Survey (USGS), US Department of Agriculture/Forest Service (USDA/FS), and US Trade and Development Agency (USTDA). USAID's Regional Development Mission for Asia (RDMA) in Bangkok and a consortium of technical organizations led by the IRG-Tetra Tech Joint Venture and including the Asian Disaster Preparedness Center (ADPC) and the University of Rhode Island.for more information

Indian Ocean Tsunami of 26th December 2004

The 9.0 magnitude earthquake struck about 00:00 GMT on Sunday December 26 about 100 miles (160km) from the western coast of Indonesia's Sumatra island.

The earthquake was the strongest since the March 28, 1964, quake in Prince William Sound in Alaska. It is the fourth strongest since recordings of magnitude began in 1899, equalling a 1952 quake in Kamchatka, Russia.

The three stronger quakes: May 22, 1960, in Chile (9.5); the 1964 quake (9.2); and a March 9, 1957, quake on Andreanof Island, Alaska (9.1). All three of those quakes, along with the Kamchatka quake, created tsunamis.

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